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Yes MFBs growth is restricted due to non availability of funds. But I think the solution is not the venture capitalist only because involving venture capitalist is a big risk as well. Instead of involving an investor if MFB’s members support MFB with seriousness, it will start growing further.

 If we look around us we see almost every person giving charity or donations. If we have a closer look we will experience that even a person from a middle class give charity and donations of small amounts.

Now the need of the hour is that MFB has a over half a million international members and I can bet they all give donations and charity and support people around them in their local areas. IF IF IF they all promise and get committed to give their donations and charity to “MFB ONLY” to support their own MFB on regular bases the problem will be resolved.

Now imagine if all the members only donate Rs 1, this will become half a million rupees. This is the power of unity. When we Muslims are united on the cause of “Namoos-e-Risalat” (SAWW) then I don’t know that why we are not ready to spend to promote the ONLY ONLY and ONLY platform in the world which is formed in the support of this cause and which is still supporting this cause on its own when it is a duty of all of us.

This is very crystal clear that to support MFB is to support the cause “Namoos-e-Risalat” (saww). This is a moment of grief to think that when we have got everything within, MFB is just looking for venture capitalists.

I ask a question to the world “Is there any Good Social Network in the world which can guarantee you that there will be no blasphemous activity on it????????????????????”

The answer is LOUD and CLEAR “NO NO NO”. Then why don’t we bother donating our 1 rupee to our MFB.

Come lets join hands and donate our only 1 rupee to our MFB. Believe me MFB is a gem, supporting it is supporting ourselves. It is an asset for our coming generations, let help it grow. Go and hit donate button and write your name in the golden success journey of your own MFB.

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