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So far, the Holocaust became a potent campaign weapon for the Zionists. The role of information media seems to be the backbone of this success. As acknowledged by Edward W. Said in his book, The Question of Palestine, which highlights the NBC television broadcast in the spring of 1978.

According to the Palestinian-blooded American cendikiwan, the audience would realize that At least a portion of the program is intended as a justification of Zionism-even though almost at the same time, Israeli forces in Lebanon do destruction, with thousands of civilian loss of life and suffering that is not unspoken but a handful of journalists who dare to describe the action like the destruction of the U.S. in Vietnam.

One journalist called Said, for example, HDS Greenway. The journalist wrote in the Washington Post on March 25, 1978, titled Vietnam-style Raids Gut South Lebanon: Israel Leaves A Path of Destruction.

Blurring anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist

Interesting posts can be read by Norman G Finkelstein processed, in the book The Holocaust Industry. Finkelstein background is quite unique, because his parents escaped from the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. Yes, he was a Jew.

According to him, the Holocaust ideology proved to be a vital weapon. Highlighting Israel, Finkelstein writes, "Through its deployment, one of the countries with an awesome military power, with a record of appalling human rights, has been photographing himself as the 'victim', and the most successful ethnic group in the U.S. has also managed the status as victims."

As the "industry", Finkelstein describes the action of raising funds to help the victims'' who escaped the Holocaust''. However, he questioned where the funds ended.

On the other hand, the Holocaust museum was scattered in different countries and the number in the tens. In the U.S. alone, there are at least 23 museums. In Washington DC, for example, there is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In addition to presenting the film, the museum showcases a variety of items, like a pile of old shoes, carriages, hundreds of other artifacts. The written statement said the items relics of the Holocaust victims.

One idea raised was the term anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist almost always confused. Again Said wrote, "The adherents of radical liberalism or even if unable to stem the habit of equating "Zionist" anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist". Apparently, many are falling into the trap of the Zionists.

In the middle there is a Jewish minority votes against Zionism, especially among scientists. While in Israel grassroots, emerging groups such as Matzpen. This socialist-leaning groups claim to be anti-Israel.

Anti-Zionist and anti-Israel attitude and even held by some Orthodox Jews. In the U.S. for example, you might have seen them march to criticize Israel when the Global Movement to Jerusalem (GMJ) launched recently.

Now, the Mediterranean Sea as a witness that the blood and tears shed as if competing in Palestine. Do you think the May 1, 1948 as an-Nakhbah, or the day of victory that marked the founding of Israel? History has been recalled.

This is the end of a series of posts Zionist Confuse : Argentina or Palestine.

Rose jazakALLAH khair Rose

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