Hello......The world is changing every day and no one is going to wait for you in the past. When lighter was invented, matches slowly disappeared. When calculator was created, abacus was to fade away. When digital camera was designed, the market of negative film no longer existed. When direct market selling/­internet-based selling arises, traditional marketing declines. When smartphone with 4G (wireless internet access) was introduced to the world, you no longer need to turn on your computer at home. When WeChat and WhatsApp (mobile text/voice/video messaging) are developed, traditional text messaging is no longer as popular as before.

Let's not to blame "Who took over Whose business." It's only because people are more adjustable and adaptable to new ideas and changes in the world.


The rich are doing (action) while most of us are only watching."


Please remember that the world keeps changing every day. If you don't change, you'll be left behind. You reap what you sow with your time. If you spend time to drink, you may become an alcoholic. If you spend time to complain, you may become a blamer. If you spend time to beautify yourself, you may become a pretty girl/handsome guy. If you spend time to stay healthy, you may enjoy a healthy good life. If you spend time to be picky, you may become a 'mean' person. If you spend time to learn, you may gain wisdom. If you spend time with your family, you may foster a warm and loving relationship with your loved ones....


Internet provides bunch of opportunities only for you to key into it


One of the best way to earn passive income online is through a program called Getmyads

GetMyAds is a company that invests in internet advertising as it is also the great circuit that is Google Adsense. Adsense I know well because I use it for my site fitness and wellness and that redistributes to the affiliate as many as 66% of the revenue, while GetMyAds "only" 40%. This is why I consider it a sustainable company. Then obvious that like all businesses, for they are healthy, a minimum of risk is always there, so the advice that I always want to give my students is not going quickly with large investments, but to start with the right (2- 4 Token, $ 100-200) and reinvest earned. GetMyAds pays their members as much as 1% a day, seven days a week and 24 hours to 24.


There are several ways to earn money with GetMyAds:


1: You can use the Token (advertising packages) to promote your own website, blog or online product, or,


2: for those who have a website or otherwise to promote, you can benefit from the 1% passive income that makes every single Token worth $ 50 (or $ 0.50 per day) and then withdrawn the gain or reinvest to increase their income, or,


3: sponsor invite others to start this wonderful activities and benefit from the 12% commission that GetMyAds recognizes you every token purchased from your invitations to the first and second level.


To make money with GetMyAds do not need a website, but everyone can participate in this wonderful program!


Ideal for those who want to maximize profits is to work on points 2:03 investing maybe 100-200 dollars to reinvest in shorter times for more Tokens and increase its daily output. However it does not need to gain strength to sponsor.


Watch this video below to get more details...... copy and paste the link in your browser or click on it







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