Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu brothers & sisters,

Alhumdulillah, with the grace of Almighty Allah...i have been able to launch my dream Dawah project: | Invitation to the Path of Righteousness

I have tried to utilise to the maximum the skills in Digital Marketing that i have been blessed with to present our beautiful Deen in the best manner possible with a lot of sophisticated tools for Phase 1. Now for Phase 2, in sha Allah we need to spread this beneficial knowledge around and ensure the message reaches to maximum number of people.....guidance is only from Allah azza wa jal.

Additionally, i have used majority of articles based on the Seerah of our beloved Rasoolullah sallalahu alaihi wa for the love of the Sunnah....please spread the message around with your friends, colleagues and families:


Ps: If anyone has any authentic islamic article, please email it to me on: and will try to post on the website at the earliest, May Allah azza wa jal make it a means of Sadaqah Jaria for y'all.

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