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Dina Horani said...

Shame on them is right! Previously, I had a Facebook and I got reported for hate comments to a Jewish girl, who was chanting that she was happy a Palestinian baby was killed, to teach the rest of us, a lesson. Well, I fired back at her and let her have it, really good. Maybe I was too harsh but I'm going to defend my people even if it lands me in jail! I am tired of racism here and more so, Jewish comments and ridicule against my people. Facebook said I violated their community standards with my post but when they posted a cartoon picture of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), I reported this as a hate speech, and Facebook denied my request saying this does not voilate their standards. My reply? I am not content with your zionist so-called standards and I will be deleting my Facebook account. I have no idea there was a Muslim one! I'm happy to know at least, no one here will insult my people Smile

It is heartening to see people like you , who have courage to stand for what is right. Smile welcome to MFB

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