The word salat is mentioned in Quran more than 100 times and there is so much emphasis on offering salah. Salah is an Islamic prayer mandatory on every Muslim five times a day. But in the era of materialism if you visit the mosque in the time of fajar prayer there are only few people in the first row, hardly filling the row. Each of us is aware that he will die after max 60-70 years and will take anything along with him in his grave, but still we are not paying attention. We all have smart phone but how many of us have a salat reminder app in it? I am reviewing a salat reminder app today named as never Miss salah. I recommend each of you to download this app and use it for your prayers.

Features of Never Miss Salah

Prayer Alarm
This app will ping you at the time of Prayer depending on your location. You can set the location manually or it will be set automatically.

Triggers to Turnoff Alarm


There are so many triggers are included in this app to turnoff alarm. You can set the number of taps, Number of shakes and quiz question answered for each prayer sperately.

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