Hi guys;

I'm wondering why MFB is still under activity even it has 4 years old, so I'm here to ask and discuss with you the reason behind the minimal activity of users on MFB

I think MFB is very good website that can emulate alot of social media on the internet as it has alot of good and sometimes new and unique features that are not present in those other social media.

I think the main reason of little activity of users in this website is because the sporadic activity of each user alone which may be due to language and region differences so I think the best solution is to place a general active discussions and pages that concern with common and recent actions that occur anywhere in the world with taste of uniformed language and culture backgrounds which surely preset with all of us.

Also I think that all users, that belive in this website intention and have the ability, should try to help increase activity of this web site by creating an active and interesting pages, forums, or blogs in the uniformed ground to help interact with most of users.

In the other hand I think this problem will be still as such if the number of users is not growing as much as it should be to have such interactive community, so I think this problem should be solved in two levels. First, the manager of MFB should implement a good strategy helping in increasing the number by increasing the effort of advertising MFB in press agencies and news websites in wide range, also by increasing presence of news agencies and sport websites in MFB to be as attractive method helping in increasing the number of users. Second, all users should invite as much as they can of their friends to register in MFB with clarifying the main reasons why should they join MFB.

In addition I think the advertisements should take its place here in MFB to help the commercial side of MFB management and improve the way of attracting the news agencies and other entertaining activities.

Finally I hope that I could help in solving this because I really think that MFB is very good social interactive network if it activated in a good way.

Thank you for reading and I hope you could interact with this,


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