Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to Muslim Toys &!

Thank you for visiting our site. We are an Islamic, learning Arabic, and Middle Eastern goods and products website focusing on our nation's most precious resource, our children. Muslim Toys And Dolls is about YOU!-our customer!
We are committed to bringing you the best in children's toys and learning aids, but as you browse through our website you will see that we have included many products for people of all ages, a one-stop shopping experience for every member of your family!

Our focus is to provide you with the following products:                     

  •   Islamic Clothing
  •   Learning Arabic Items
  •   Children's Arabic Books
  •   Children's Islamic books
  •   Islamic CD's & DVD's
  •   Arabic CD's & DVD's
  •   Islamic decorations
  •   Prayer Accessories (Prayer rugs,Tasbih beads,clocks etc.)
  •   Electronic Toys
  •   Games and Puzzles
  •   Islamic Dolls
  •   Islamic Doll Clothes
  •   Islamic Jewelry
  •   Halal perfume
  •   Islamic and Eid Cards
  •   Eid Decorations
  •   Islamic stickers & Charts
  •   Palestinian Pride Section
  •   and much more....

From day one we have incorporated four major qualities; excellent service, a wider reach, quick communication and security.

We are a family site and our customers always come first. We are always open; you can shop our E store anytime day or night! We continuously look for ways to improve quality, and we test out and read every product and book before we put it up for sale.

Our intention is to incorporate Islamic ethics and education in a way that enhances the desire of children of all ages to learn and make a home an Islamic home. Insha'allah, God willing, you will find hundreds of enlightening products whether you are a Muslim man or woman, new Muslim, or child.

We value all of your feedback and suggestions and we greatly appreciate your support.

Our many thanks (shookrun),

The Muslim Toys and Dolls family.

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