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Pakistan has always produced intelligent people full of brains which are making Pakistanis proud, by their unique God given talents. : )


 7 year old Pakistani boy Muhammad Uzair World Youngest Microsoft Certified Training Specialist (MCTS) 2013


 An seven years old boy ‘Muhammad Uzair’ became the world’s  youngest Microsoft Certified Training Specialist (MCTS) 2013 pakistani boy. Pakistan has once again succeeded to achieve the title of Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPs). Muhammad Uzair 07, who belongs to Lahore has been awarded as the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPs) in the world by Microsoft Foundation.

Uzair reminds us our beloved IT star Arfa Karim, Who was the first youngest (MCPs) from Pakistan. She was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in USA, She kept her title until 2008.



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