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Originally posted by: Muhammad Wasif


I've done many project on microcontrolar. These days i am working on a project in which we can control home/building electical equipments (light bulb, fan etc) with mobile phone. we just send a message with a predefine code to a perticular mobile number to turn ON/OFF any equipment. For this purpose I need a T290 (sony ericsson) mobile phone. Is there anyone who have the mobile phone and want to sale?

Otherwise  I will use GSM modem. Doyou have any knowledge about GSM modem? Share with me.


Dear Sir u should know that GSM Eng is costly and not easy to handle as it can b done with sony erc...on the other hand if u want to get cell phone u have to make a trip on HAllroad Lahore..lthere these are available and normally cheaper than others.

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