by on June 3, 2016
Is Facebook secretly spying on our conversations?: University of South Florida For years, there have been rumours that Facebook eavesdrops to what its users’ converse.Kelli Burns, a communications professor at the University of South Florida, teamed up with NBC — a US-based news organisation — to look into whether the rumours are true.It is widely rumoured that Facebook spy on its users’ conversations to serve advertisers. To experiment it, Burns turned on the microphone service on her phone an...
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by on December 25, 2015
Assalam o Alikum Respected Mfbians Your MFB is working on multiple aspects and one is to create economic benefit for Mfbians. There is a website project for which budget is around PKR 10,000 to PKR 15,000 its simple Word Press  site job and would take only few days to complete. You gotta be a good web designer. Let me know if interested. Thanks. Team
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by on December 4, 2015
Assalam o Alikum MyMFB was founded to ensure that it won't let fanatics play with sentiments of man kind by disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) Earlier today a fanatic zimer posted blasphemious contentThis fanatic zimer did not even have courage to signup with his real credentials and he used fake muslim names.He was apparently from United States and his IP is Host Address: pa-184-1-218-106.dhcp.embarqhsd.netCountry:      United States This fanatic is REMOVED from MyMfb
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by on December 2, 2015
Volunteers required for MyMFB-Council Assalam o Alikum Dear Mfbians, We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you. In fact we are counting on your help and support to keep “MyMFB” open as Muslims Largest & Pioneer Social Network. We have a number of opportunities for volunteers to get involved across different roles and responsibilities. We are specifically looking for volunteers in the following areas: Fund-raising Angel Investors Content writing PHP Programmers Graphic Design...
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by on November 5, 2015
Assalam o Alikum Mfbians Alhamdulilah another achievement for MyMFB (Muslims Largest Social Network) , is included in list of recommended social networks which Global Law Firm marketers should consider. Below is the related excerpt. Detailed research report published by American company can be viewed here:- jazak ALLAH khair Team  
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by on September 29, 2015
Assalam o Alikum Dear Mfbians,Alhamdulilah Here is another good milestone, world is recognizing but our own people are not realizing the importance of this mission .....USA based Adquadrant latest rating ranked MyMFB among top 3 social networks becoming popular"Other apps that are really starting to make waves are from our friends around the globe. The U.S. market is starting to be shaken up by the popularity of foreign apps such as Twoo (a Belgian social network), MyMFB (a Muslim alternative to...
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by on September 28, 2015
A British PHD Scholar Emrys Schoemaker at the London School  of Economics is conducting research on Social Networks in Pakistan. He is very interested in the value that MyMFB offers to its users, and what aspects of the service are particularly valued by its users.He would like to invite anyone who is based in Pakistan to be interviewed for his research. The interview would be in MFB office Lahore or via MFB  arranged Skype conference (text, audio or video). The interview would be about 20 minut...
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by on September 21, 2015
  Don't take just MFB'ians words for it. See for yourself what the tech world is saying! Alhamdulilah, MyMFB ranked in Top Social Networking Sites and Apps in 2015 "The concepts behind Social Networking aren’t anything new – ever since there have been humans, we have been looking for ways to connect, network, and promote with one another – but they’ve taken on an entirely new meaning (and momentum) in the digital age. Where we used to have handshakes, word-of-mouth referrals, and stamped letters...
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by on September 16, 2015   Facebook is finally making a ‘dislike’ button - The Express Tribune   Zuckerburg says Facebook is working on a 'dislike' button and are very close to shipping a test of it aka Millat Facebook already has this for a long time now. So the so called giant is now copying rivals lol
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by on May 26, 2015
  Let us Remember Her Working day and night tirelessly and without any desire for any gain or fame, just for the cause of Islam and thereby humanity. Deeply in love with the Almighty and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Preferring them to all worldly desires and enticements. Following the teachings of Prophet PBUH & orders of the merciful Al-Rahman. Sacrificing for the good of Ummah. Crying in the fear of Allah Almighty, respecting the elders, loving the children and caring for all. Charity, Chast...
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by on April 30, 2015
Dear MFB'ian, One of the extremely passionate and loyal founding team member of MFB who selflessly worked hard and stayed behind the scenes is very sick and in ICU (Intense Care Unit). We request you to please pray that the ALLAH Almighty bless her with speedy recovery, health and a long beneficial life Aameen. Thanks for your prayers and care. Best Regards, Omer Zaheer Founder & CEO
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by on April 11, 2015
Mfbians Job Description   MyMFB is Looking for PHP Developer having strong knowledge of PHP for custom application developmentYou will be responsible for fixing bugs and errors including as well as optimizing queries.   Job Specification You should have expert level understanding of PHP & MySQL / MariaDBKnowledge of following will be a plus: PHP FrameworksHTML5CSSAJAXJavascriptJQuery Any additional skills will be a PLUS
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