by on August 3, 2011
Some brothers said that Coca Cola changed their image logo and it now don't contain "Mohammad" and "Makkah" within it.However, below is the image of glass which Coca Cola is distributing free with Mc Donald Large Meal in Pakistan.In below image you can see clearly written "Mohammad" and "Makkah"The above pictures were taken using mobile phones, we will manage to have the pictures through digital professional camera as well for better image.May bless all those people who participated help us...
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by on September 28, 2012
MFB Introduces "FREE SMS all over World" Send SMS to your loved with a click of button Yeh sab meray Aaqa ka karam haiThanks to for helping We all love
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by on September 13, 2012
MFBs another steps towards providing better services to Muslim Ummah/Millat and Mfbians. Launch of Millat Calling Card in alliance with 786 Global Call, the only telco in the world offering all the major mehtods of calling your loved ones, whether its Pinless Dialing, Pc 2 Phone Diaer or Mobile Dialer , we are always up to date to provide best solutions to our valuable customers. Mfbians can call all over the World (The Only High Quality and Economical Calling Card which can call ALL OVER WORLD)...
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by on November 28, 2011
i am revealing belong information from the source of information providing by Maria and checked by myself resulting in deletion of Israeli flag from my computer/laptop May bless Maria and all of us with love for Aameenwe all knows that Jews have taken on war with and ultimately they are the fuel of Hell we all know how clever they are, and in every attempt they try to make Muslims agree to a so called state of Israel.Now they have plotted a Israeli Flag inside ...
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by on September 24, 2011
Its been a long time for i started My Research of "World's Most Beautiful Relation"...I thought its b/w an Adorable Mother and her Child...Then i found, its bw/ a Loving Husband and a wife...Later i Ended up as its the 1 b/w Two Sacrificing Friends... BUT .....YET i felt SOMETHING to be still UNDISCOVERED....And then , My Hard Time revealed the Secret when none was beside me except, the ONE LIGHT in the Darkness....ITS my LORD , still holding my Hand knowing this , My HEART burst into tears that...
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by on November 25, 2011
I regard Mommena Khan as a very lucky lady that she is continously sharing with us Encouraging Events of Lovers of Prophet Please read this below:This is another story from the days of british rule in sub-continent. The court room was filled with men.Inside and outside the court large number of Muslims and hindus were present,they were all waiting for the court to announce descion. A tall hindu man entered the court along with his lawyers and companions.They were laughing and joking a...
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by on July 17, 2011
Logged in MFB after a long time, the reason for logging in is that tonight is 15th Shaban , the night in which very important decisions are made and destiny is wrote. As all of you know better then me that tonight Destiny is to be written, it will be decided who will live / die , when and how! Knowingly or Unknowingly if i ever hurt any of you, please forgive me. May be my name be written in the list of people to get death. ( : allah knows best) May you all live long and happily here in ...
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by on November 29, 2011
Holy Quran says about punishment of blasphemers. 1."The punishment of those who wage war with and His Messenger ,and strive with might for mischeif through land is,execution,or crucifixation or cutting off hands and feet from opposite sides,or exile from the land:that is their disgrace in this world,and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter" 5:33 2."Those who annoy and His Messenger , has cursed them in this world and in the hereafter a...
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by on August 8, 2011
Eik Eik Nabi Eik Quran phir kun bhatak gaya insaan?
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by on July 31, 2011
Watch below , its all real We all the creatures of universe love for reading
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by on November 22, 2011
Momeena Khan presents you following:A former hindu poet who loved Prophet (Peace be upon him)When the british still ruled the sub-continent,there lived in Dehli,a well known hindu poet by the name of Dillu Ram kausari.This poet though a hindu ,wrote encomiums and poems in praise of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him).He became famous for writing such poetry,his poems became famous to such an extent that it scandilised his fellow hindus,who accosted him and said,Dillu Ram,what is the ma...
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