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by on September 13, 2012

Bismillah Assalam o Alikum

MFBs another steps towards providing better services to Muslim Ummah/Millat and Mfbians. Launch of Millat Calling Card in alliance with 786 Global Call, the only telco in the world offering all the major mehtods of calling your loved ones, whether its Pinless Dialing, Pc 2 Phone Diaer or Mobile Dialer , we are always up to date to provide best solutions to our valuable customers.

Mfbians can call all over the World (The Only High Quality and Economical Calling Card which can call ALL OVER WORLD)

Pakistan upto 900 Minutes in $10,
Bangladesh upto 350 Minutes in $10,
India upto 1000 Minutes in $10,
alaysia upto 1000 Minutes in $10,
Indonesia upto 200 Minutes in $10
urkey upto 500 Minutes in $10,
Saudi Arabia upto 150 Minutes in $10,
UAE upto 100 Minutes in $10,
Bahrain upto 400 Minutes in $10,
nited Kingdom upto 1000 Minutes in $10,
United States upto 1300 Minutes in $10,
inland upto 235 Minutes in $10,
Singapore upto 1000 Minutes in $10,
China upto 1300 Minutes in $10,
ermany upto 1000 Minutes in $10,
France upto 1300 Minutes in $10, and many more Countries!

Above Rates are Special Officer valid uptill 30th September Only

Best Regards,

MFB Team

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ada gambar iklannya dan produknya tak?nak pasang di blogspot untuk sebarkan informasi ini
yusoff salleh
Salam Pat... sebaiknya kamu coba terlebih dahulu menggunakannyasebelum kamu sebarkan informasi ini kepada members keranasaya punya account masih belum bisa digunakannya setelah install Joint Express software.. masih ada bugs lagi yang belum dapat diselesaikanoleh Admin millat card.
*^little fairy^*
maksudnya apa ya??? MC fungsinya utk apa?
yusoff salleh
*^little fairy^* ..... kalau kamu understand english... is goodMC or millatcard is a topup card for international call from computer to mobile and/or call from mobile to computer. It's cheapest rate when we used this MC card.You can call anywhere from your computer or android or ipad to any other mo...View More
*^little fairy^*
ooo...maksudnya kayak sim card? tapi internasional gt?
yusoff salleh
*^little fairy^* ... iye bukan sim card... sim card untuk mobile phone.yang ini seperti kamu beli topup card.. jika uang nya(credit) dalam mobile udah abis maka kamu kena beli topup card untuk tambah uangnya.baru bisa kamu call anyone.
Truth seeker
Yusoff Salleh you explained very well
*^little fairy^* ya???oke,,deh,,,keyen juga,,,,hehehehe,,,
yusoff salleh
*^little fairy^* ... you can try it... with your computer from Indonesia call to anyone mobile phone and see how is the rate... either cheaper or else.You can contact to MFB admin for payment.Good luck *^little fairy^*
*^little fairy^*
okkk,,,yusoff..i will try if i need it