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by on November 23, 2011

Qudratullah Shahab,a renowned bureaucrat and writer has narrated this incident in his book"Shahab Nama".

When he was a school student,he had friendship with a hindu classmate,they would go to school and return home together.

On their way towards home,there was always sitting a man on the side
of the path,he was always reciting religious poems in ecstatic
mood.Sometimes they would stop there and looking at him,they made fun of

then one day,as usual they were on their way towards home,when
they passed-by that man,he was reciting some verses of a poem in praise
of in love beloved Prophet(peac be upon him),meaning that the universe is

created by Rose Heart ALLAH IS GREAT Rose Heart for beloved Rose Heart
Prophet Rose Heart Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Rose Heart Pbuh Rose Heart (peace
be upon him). 
Rose Heart

His hindu classfellow on listening this started laughing and making
fun that how could the universe be created for a single

Qudratullah Shahab on listening these blasphemous remarks got
furious and said,shut up!!shut up!! to his classfellow,who did not

On hearing continuous laughter and disgusting comments,he got very
angry,took a stone,and threw it with full force on that blasphemer's
face,who got stunned at this attack.

Stone hit his teeth,and one of his tooth broke,and mouth got filled with blood.

He was shocked at what happened to him.

Shahab,wrote that my reaction was completly
involuntary,when he spoke about my beloved in love Rose Heart Prophet
Rose Heart Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Rose Heart Pbuh Rose Heart (peace be upon
him)  ,it
was untolerable.

Allama Iqbal said love for Rose Heart Prophet Rose Heart Muhammad
Rose Heart Pbuh Rose Heart (peace be upon him) is running like
blood,in veins of Muslims.

Our Message to Blashpemours:  
We all love Rose Heart ALLAHMohammad Rose Heart Pbuh Rose Heart and can
go to ANY EXTENT to take revenge against the blashemy they commit. One
day we will give a unforgetable lesson to all blasphemours Rose inshaALLAH
Rose MFB

Thanks to Mommena Khan for providing the information

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