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by on May 26, 2016
 Along learn how to plan subscription with preferential Mobifone M70 3g data ( dang ky 3g m70 mobifone ) speed up to 1,6GB to use your device for offline.

Mobifone 3G packet M70 ( goi 3g m70 cua mobifone ) - Package Price : 70,000 . - Cycle use : 30 days . - Data incentives: 1.6 GB of high-speed , 3G access Mobifone comfortably anytime, anywhere. - Charges incurred : Automatically disconnects when you run out, do not worry chargeable activities . Syntax registration M70 package Subscribers wishing to use the brand new 3G packages , attractive incentives from Mobifone can register using the following syntax : M70 sends ONV 9084


After successful registration, you will be added immediately to your account 1,6GB this data subscribers. For sure, you check out Data package by texting Mobifone 3G DATA send 999 KT to know the exact amount of data that subscribers are offline. M70 package is not inclusive Mobifone 3G package, but this package will not arise unless the excess charge packages that will automatically stop internet access, help subscribers not generate unwanted charges. To continue to use high-speed 3G, customers need to register to purchase additional storage packs of Mobifone with affordable, guaranteed access to the end of the cycle that no longer worry about the cost. Purchase additional storage for M70 package: - Package MAX15 (15.000): Purchase high-speed 350MB, used to cycle off M70 package. - Package MAX25 (25,000): Purchase high-speed 600MB, used to cycle off M70 package. - Package MAX35 (35,000) Acquisition of additional 1GB high speed until the end of the cycle using M70 package. To purchase additional storage, you compose DK to send 999
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