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Ice-cream Pie

Posted By: On September 19, 2010
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Serves: , Not Specified
Cooking-Time: 0hrs 0 mins


  • 4 Digestive Biscuits. roughly crushed
  • 1 oz Butter
  • ½ a tub Your favourite flavour of slightly melted ice-cream
  • as much as you like Dark Chocolate


  • First you make the Base, By getting 4 crushed Digestive Biscuits and mixing them with 1 oz of Butter.Shape the Base into a pie dish and freeze the base for at least 40 minutes. Now for the filling. Now pick any flavour of ice-cream annd make sure it's slightly melted and put the melted ice-cream in the base and put the base back in the freezer for 1 hour. Then take the pie and grate dark chocolate all over the pie. Its done, ENJOY! (sorry guys there is no picture of a ice cream pie!)