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ayam goreng (special fried chicken)

ayam goreng (special fried chicken)

Posted By: On March 23, 2012
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1. ayam yang telah dicuci dan potong
2. putih telur
3. tepung goreng ayam sebaguna
4. minyak masak....

panduan memasak
1. potong ayam menjadi beberapa bahagian.
2. keringkan ayam dan tos ayam itu..
3. pecahkan telur dalam mangkuk..
4. asingkan telur putih dan telur kuning.
5. pukul telur putih sampai menjadi cair.
6. celup ayam dalam cairan telur putih itu...
7. masukan tepung goreng serba guna dalam mangkuk...atau bekas yang kering..
8. ulirkan ayam dalam bekas itu...
9. pastikan tepung melekat pada ayam..
10.panaskan minyak...
11. masukan ayam dan gorengkan sampai kekuningan...
(cara saya ialah buka api yang kecil dan saya goreng hampir 20 minit.. itu sahaja....

rahsia saya ialah menambah sedikit tepung jagung dan perapan cili hijau.

for english..... sorry if spelling is not right,,,, hope you understand

1. washed chicken
2. egg white
3. universal chicken fried flour
4. cooking oil.

1. cut chicken become various parts.
2. dry off chicken.
3. break egg in bowl.
4. separate white egg and yellow egg.
5. hit white egg reach becoming diluted.
6. dip chicken in white egg.
7. put the flour into a bowl.
8. shake the chicken in containers the.
9. make sure flour cover off the all part of chicken.
10.heat the oil in the pan.
11. put chicken into the pan and fried until the chicken become yellowish.
(my way was open lower gases level fires and I fry almost 20 minutes. that only.

my secret is to add some corn flour and green chili.

maey nanda
hmmmm.... yummy
  • June 15, 2012 2:37 pm , GMT
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Anwar Ul Hasan
1. chicken that has been washed and cut
2. white
3. multi-purpose flour fried chicken
4. cooking oil ....

cooking guide
1. chicken cut into sections.
2. drain chicken and pat dry the chicken is ..
3. break the eggs in a bowl ..
4. separate the egg white and egg yolk.
5. whisk the egg white until it bec...
  • June 10, 2013 10:56 pm , GMT
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