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Promise Land (1)

start with the name of ALLAHAssalam o Alikum

In the 64 years ago, precisely May 14, 1948, Israel was officially established on Palestinian land. For them, it's a win. For the Palestinians this is a major disaster or an-Nakba-a liver slice. Moderate Muslims must witness the Zionists undermined the step by step Rasullullah saw the holy land where the sky, Mi'raj.

In academic journals in circulation in the United States and Britain, Historian, Ovendale Ritchie (2002) have explained the origins of the conflict between the Arabs and Israel. Former Professor of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in the UK it mentions anti-Semitism-he, this term appeared in 1860 - in the euro area became the forerunner of the movement of the Jewish people. In Russia, anti-Semitism is called pogroms.

Dreyfus marking period of European Jewish immigration then settled in Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa. Some immigrated to the Ottoman Empire territories, called Palestine. But the greatest number of lands in the United States (U.S.). Until now, the U.S. is known to have the largest Jewish community outside Israel. That is why, embracing Jews is an important task for anyone who wants to gain power in the U.S..

Argentina or Palestine?

The idea of ​​"homeland" to the Jews first roll of hand Leon Pinsker in 1882, through the book Auto-Emancipation. According to him, the Jews should have a "homeland" itself.

The word was first Zionist Nathan Birnbaum may be used in an article in 1886. Meaning, more or less understood them as the "re-establishment" Jewish homeland in Palestine or initiated Birnbaum as Eretz-Israel.

Politically, adopted Zionism Theodore Herzl. His writing, Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State-Red) was first published in Vienna, Austria, in 1896. He further mengristalkan idea of ​​establishing a homeland for the Jews. Until then, the term homeland is still in use, and not to mention the term "country". Where is my homeland? Herzl had two choices : Argentina or Palestine.

Why Argentina? The reason is quite simple, because according to Herzl, "the landscape as one of the richest countries in the world, vast territory, population and weather are few."

But the choice finally fell to the Palestinians. This option relies on the Old Testament. In it, the Palestinian territories-who fell into the hands of the Romans and then ended up in Ottoman times - referred to as the Promised Land.

Just for illustration, not all Jews believe Israel as a manifestation of the Promised Land. Orthodox Jewish groups in the U.S., for example, they are against Israel. They believe, the Promised Land is not achieved by way of seizure and occupation, as did the Zionists. So what?

I Will Not Go Down, selama apa yang Saya perjuangkan adalah Benar. Smile
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