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Keyboard On The Monitor... Good One‏

AnOn-Screen Keyboard in Windows.
In case your keyboard or some keys stop working,Microsoft provides you with an alternative way to type-in using themouse.
Towork this tool,
Goto: 'Start menu'
Typein: 'OSK'
Akeyboard will be displayed on your monitor which you can use with yourmouse.


Happy New Year In Advance To all Dear Friends !!!

Last update on January 1, 11:39 am by زﺍﻫدحسين UKIslam MFB.

very nice thnx

If your keyboard on your pc/laptop can't function normally, you can use Key Remapper. If your Laptop's keyboard and mouse can't function, just switch off the laptop, open battery, and use your laptop without battery (using adapter). After that, your keyboard/mouse will function normally.

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