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Islamic Game Contributors Needed

BismillahAssalam o Alikum

As all of you are aware of the fact that MFB
added a new game section which is masha RoseALLAH AlmightyHeartvery
innovative and awesome.

MFB Management specifically MFB CEO Mr
Omer Zaheer Meer on huge demands and suggestions put forward by members
have instructed us to introduce Islamic games based on Muslim Islamic
Warriors Characters.

This way Youth will learn about Muslims Warriors and their history in a modern and interactive manner.

MFB needs support from YOU the MFB Lovers to please come forward and
contribute these sort of games as they must be built in Flash.

can arrange your interconnection with international leading Game
Publishers which will enable publishing of your game on MFB as well as
other sites and pay you for Advertisement clicks as per gaming
publishers policy. (No way affiliate to MFB, however MFB may help you
interact with them)

Looking forward to you to come forward and
contribute something which may reward you financially and Religiously as
well. So a profit for you in this world as well as world after death.

jazak RoseALLAH AlmightyHeart

RoseHeartALLAH AlmightyRoseHeart create more love for Rose HIMSELF
Rose and Rose HIS Rose Most Loving and Last Prophet RoseHeart
Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)RoseHeart ..... Ameen

RoseALLAH ho AkbarHeartMFB

when we can play the game

Love    Visit :

Originally posted by: Roiddin Syafiq

when we can play the game

BismillahAssalam o Alikum

As soon as we get contributors to develop such games

jazak RoseALLAH AlmightyRose

WE can develop it but with help of our non muslim friend they got the tech we got the knowledge!¤t=HOKAGEWALLPAPER.jpg
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