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his teammates took over the game stand out.



After eight consecutive years since the Celtic League, at most only three consecutive times, Michael Jordan retired the first time if you do not go play baseball, the Bulls might be four consecutive years, but history is not if, nike nfl jerseys,  the Clippers are currently the most wishes to obtain four consecutive team, after all, only then get a championship on the line.


The march, the fans are very orderly procession to win three consecutive years, both the Los Angeles police or the fans. Have experience. The situation does not appear to make trouble, but the whole city is full of vitality.


One to travel to Chinese fans, said: "I am delighted to be joining the ranks of this celebration, too passionate, and everyone went crazy, it was a memorable experience."


Another point to Chinese fans the most exciting, YE Feng interview reiterated that he is a U.S. citizen of Chinese people. We have also recognized this. Compared with him, another Chinese players Lin words are not even China would not say that this can not be left after the season in the NBA was in doubt.


Opening night celebration package under the luxury nightclub party, Elite nfl jerseys,in addition to the players, coaching staff, as well as family and friends, Hollywood stars have participated in the party.


YE Feng is the focus of the audience. Without seven championship, just three, a lot of people think he has gone beyond the Jordan, the Clippers played a better record than the year the Bulls, YE Feng I data is also very alarming. Some online even saying that YE Feng physique explosive if it is in 8,90's play, does not allow defense alliance, averaging perhaps could get 50 points. That too exaggerated, there was no one really being blown foul defense or offense, defense moves appear, double teams are quite common, besides 122 looks and man to man defense is not much difference, only slightly compressed defense, transposition more active.


Party in progress, the famous director Shane Blake found YE Feng, hope he can in the "Iron Man 3" in a cameo role. "Superhero" Father Stan Lee hope he starred in the film, and want to create a new superhero image, YE Feng as the prototype of the Chinese people.


Iron Man is one of the highest grossing films hero, Nike Elite Jerseys,Robert Downey starred. Now the popular hero film, "The Avengers" has just released, there is a record-breaking trend. There is no doubt that this is blockbusters, but the location in New York, YE Feng is not very convenient, had refused.


In celebration dinner, Carrefour, Gasol brothers play very fun, there are some people who should have cheerful calm a lot, this anachronistic calm, YE Feng saw him last year in the Mackey.


Although these are not yet publicly said the NPC to go, his heart has been determined. Josh Smith wants to sign a better contract, he will certainly be out of contract this summer to test the water free market. YE Feng rest assured that it is difficult to give Smith paid the Heat, he does not need the Nets players, whether or not paid the team willing to poach him, at least not worry about a threat to the Clippers.


Uniform group plan is not particularly high if the salary, to follow up the contract, leaving Smith, after all, he and YE Feng with a very understanding, two Superman impact inside together, all the teams will feel a headache. Of course, Nfl jerseys wholesale, if there are teams asking price is too outrageous, it can only give up, the Clippers also need enough cap space to renew the strength of the role players.


Josh Smith now worth has gone up, you can let the players championship layer of gold-plated. Even the role players, has a wealth of experience, but also easy to get the other team's favor. More importantly, some see the Clippers dislike the team, who will want to dig to undermine the integrity of the Clippers lineup BA is a business alliance, the team manager will often do harm to the interests of his team, when the Clippers from calf poached Barea, Jason Kidd, on the Mavericks lineup caused no small impact.

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