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I am afraid the result will be the same as now





However, after a speech to laugh days after the hearts of these people already have made up your mind!


Pretend to join group Neptune Orient pirate, pirate group Neptune Orient familiar with the inner strength, until in the future if there is a chance, discount nfl jerseys, sell pirate group Neptune Orient, thoroughly complete revenge plan!


But unfortunately, in the Xiaotian's men, who became a full member of the Pirates, will be in one part of the implanted Xiaotian Wicked, probing their inner thoughts, if anyone has betrayed the Xiaotian mind, it will definitely direct blasting to death!


As it did not become a member of the pirate group Neptune Orient man ......


I am afraid that their next life, only in the last Huludao life, life can not even step out of the island, but do not worry.


"Ladies and gentlemen!" That have finished talking, but to see these people are still hesitant, wavering, wasted their time, could not help but to laugh slightly gloomy day looking up.


Xiaotian men to rein it in, nfl jerseys authentic, because the siren spare power only to order early, in order not to Siren Guard members assigned out, but being there is no other like people like Luo Shaofeng, given their direct Wicked "of witchcraft," the ability to naturally not going to rein in the early stage of the Warrior!


As a result, the strength of the highest order peak only mysterious person who is the first choice to Xiaotian rein!


But even so, the current is also not too Huludao on the lack of talent, and if these people are behind the times, it will not be the slightest Xiaotian mercy!


After all, a mere few hundred fighters loyalty is not high, is much smaller than this game has been so for a long time to prepare to laugh day long battle!


Currently the most important thing is that today's battle, these little things are absolutely can not be delayed!


"Although I told them Xiaotian's character, has a 'benevolent' This one feature, wholesale authentic jerseys ,  but patience, the absolute is not really good!"


"Now, I'll give you ten seconds, if the delay time, do not blame me ruthless to Xiaotian delicate, do not give you a chance!"


To Xiaotian Carter, turned demon warrior still no end in twenty-five to order demons soldiers, have raised his hands swords, eyes filled with intention to kill look to the remaining eight places Order early warships, may at any time slashing the past, completely destroying it, kill!


"No! Do not! We surrender, we surrender!"


To Xiaotian Carter, have not even begun the countdown, the opposite of eight to order warships warships which it has a leading figure at the highest commander waved his hand under the tyranny to order warships that incomparable shields, they instantly dissipated, the people inside all exposed.


These people, cheap authentic nfl jerseys,though worried Xiaotian gone back to the people who let go of one's own protective cover after the killing, but now they have no other options.


Death, nor either surrender!


Unfortunately, the eagle country eight warships to order beneath contempt among the commanders aboard warships, is a strength is good, reaching the pinnacle of the Warrior mysterious order, but the character aspect, but it is full of cowardice, was Xiaotian little threat to look, they quickly begin to manipulate the warships crystal hub, quickly opened the hood, completely surrender to laugh at the sky.


"Well!" Rushed to Xiaotian's mouth showing a faint smile, directed at the ship's commander nodded, very satisfied.


This eight warships, the reason is still not surrender, the main reason is because there is no surrender of a person!


As long as people have surrendered after the first one, the others, nhl jerseys china, also have to surrender, the warships to order low-grade protective cover open, and give their lives completely handed over to laugh day!


Sure enough, in the laughing-day "ten seconds countdown" is just six seconds later, it has six warships to surrender, opened the hood, their lives will be completely handed over to Xiaotian control.


"Three ...... two ...... one ......"


However, they have passed a few seconds, the time just left a last second kind, when the commander still has two warships still hesitant!

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