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Activision has announced "Call of Duty: Black Ops"

Activision has officially announced the latest entry of the long running Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Developed by the award-winning team from Treyarch, the upcoming game promises to "take players behind enemy lines in an entirely new chapter in the groundbreaking and record-setting, No. 1 first-person action series of all-time."
it will be released on November 9, 2010.
Black Ops will bring the most intense experience possible for all CoD fans.
system requirement is still unknown,but it will be announce soon.

yes and it will be all about secret missions staying hiden and stealth
i just hope they make it great and give some compitition to splinter cell
@: Rana
i think u r not a COD fan.u write in this thread just to advertise your could u compare COD with splinter Cell.COD is ego shoter genre and Splinter Cell is stealth action.
brother the ops is going to be all about silent kills and stealth it aint will be a like previous cods and i am its fan since cod2 and played all cods right within the 2 days of there release

how do you think i am running a site which is half full of games without having knowledge of games. :?

and one more thing NOTHING

ps: dint play cod3
This next part picked up with a first-person view of someone hiding deep in the woods under the cover of branches and leaves while a Russian patrol walked by unaware, no more than 10 feet away. The player and his squad then jumped out of the bushes--a crossbow in hand--and began moving down a steep, snowy hill. After repelling down a sheer cliffside using the two triggers to alternate holding and releasing the rope, they breached the windows of a Soviet communications station to start a good old-fashioned Call of Duty-style shootout. The breach itself was especially impressive, with the crew repelling down the outside of the window before jumping back and kicking in the windows in slow motion.

The player used a combination of '60s-era automatic weaponry to dispatch frantic enemies when things were hot and sniped them from afar with a deadly silent crossbow when it was quiet

you see its all abt stealth wiht a bit of surprise attacks

and i just wished it should be competitive and almost better and good like sp so that ubi get a compitition

let us surprise.I'm curious about it.but maybe i can't play this game b koz all coming up games are resources hungry.and i have a old machine. Unhappy

ps: u have very nice signature.but it's size is too big for sig.
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haha ok will shorten it later
soooo i dint talk rubish right? Smile
wats dis forum actyally for????
it is for games of all kinds a general forum to discuss anything about games and everything alsi and any type of game
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