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How to Add Your Unavailable Firefox Add-ons

1)This can be done by tweaking the install.rdf file inside the add-on. First of all, go to Firefox add-ons’ website ( and search for the add-ons you like. For example, I search Foxtab to add into my browser because this Foxtab’s version cannot be installed in my latest firefox version.

2)Download the foxtab by pressing right-click on (Add to Firefox) icon and select (Save Link As...). Make sure the file you has download is with extension .xpi at the very end of the add-on name.

3)Open the add-on.xpi program using winrar and find the install.rdf file inside the add-on.xpi.

4)Open this install.rdf using notepad and change the add-on’s version with your latest version of your firefox browser.

5)Inside the install.rdf, find this target ( <!-- FireFox -->) and change the max version with your up one level of latest firefox browser that you used. I change the value to 4.0b5pre because my firefox version is 4.0b4.

<!-- FireFox -->

Save this install.rdf by overwrite the existing file.

Next, for the lines below make sure you copy the foxtab id {ef4e370e-d9f0-4e00-b93e-a4f274cfdd5a} and extract the add-on.xpi into new folder and rename this folder with your add-on id.

<em:description>3D tab management - your top sites, tab flipping and recently closed tabs.</em:description>

6)Now you have one folder with folder name is {ef4e370e-d9f0-4e00-b93e-a4f274cfdd5a} and make sure all files in this folder are same on addon.xpi file. Next, copy this folder and paste to firefox’s extensions folder.

7)Press windows symbol and R simultaneously (Win+R). Windows Run will pop-up and type this %appdata%

8)Folder will appear and double click to ‘Mozilla’> ‘Firefox’ >’Profiles’>’Your Default Profile’>’extensions’.

9)In extentions folder, copy and paste the {ef4e370e-d9f0-4e00-b93e-a4f274cfdd5a} folder inside this extensions.

10)Overwrite the install.rdf file inside the addon.xpi that you download before and drag this .xpi file into your browser. Firefox pop-up will appear and ask about installing new add-on. Press ‘Install Now’ and it will says Foxtab cannot be installed because bla..bla.. do not panic. Just restart the browser and go to Firefox’s tab and click on ‘tools’ > ‘add-ons’ and click on ‘extensions’. Your foxtab will appear. You can try Foxtab by pressing Ctrl+Q. You can try by yourself with other add-ons by tweaking this install.rdf . Good luck. Salam.
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