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Dengue Fever- syptoms,prevention and cure.



Dengue spreads from one person to the other by a special Dengue Mosquito. This mosquito grows up and multiplies primarily in FRESH WATER (the artificial house hold containers) and it can grow on stagnant/dirty water too. Fresh water is the water present for weeks in POT/PLATES in your kitchen, or WATER in a vase placed on the table for decoration purpose, or water standing in the lawns outside houses.
Dengue mosquito lays eggs in  water , in which adult mosquitoes grow up. When they bite a patient suffering from dengue , the mosquitoes acquire infection . And further when they bite a healthy individual, the healthy person gets dengue. And so the cycle continues. More mosquitoes grow in standing-fresh-water and bite dengue patients first, and then they bite healthy person and cause dengue in them.
Dengue Mosquito is usually found indoors i-e in houses near the floor/under beds , chairs and sofas . Its found through insect studies that it usually bites near the time of sunrise and sunset , and hence at these times maximum preventive measures against the bites of mosquitoes should be taken.
Prevent Yourself from bites OF Mosquito , You will not have dengue ! That’s a foremost measure to be adopted.Prevent Mosquitoes from growing in water , and Kill them by SPRAYS,.