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Born to Smile

start with the name of ALLAHAssalam o Alikum

This week being "the hardest" for Me Smile

Monday being IT Consultant full in My Office
Tuesday remember My Brother which need B-blood because of His two hands be amputated and need more blood Sad He need 5 blood-pack. And I hear from My Friend, His Operation is done, and He losing His Two hands, RoseAstagfirullahRose
Wednesday go to My Little Sister's town, Purwokerto (Central Java) for following a training about Strange and Cash Transaction Report on Thursday. RoseAlhamdulillahRose Me and My Wife safe from the bad-way Smile
Thursday full with 100 persons from different offices, at 8 am until 6 pm, what a nice training Rose
Jum'ah I'm ready for come-back to Tegal(My Lovely City) to continuing all My and My Wife Activities Rose
Saturday will be shortest day after I know all is going well, and will be the lovely day for Me and My Wife, insha RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose
And Sunday... time for business YaHoo

And now I write this blog from My Little Sister's room, with My Wife and My Childreen which always kick/punch her stomach Smile what a naughty child Rose please pray for Her and Her Child Rose

Busy? not really. but sure this body need more rest, but there is one sentence in My Personal dictionary, "I'll rest if I'm sure I die". Yeah, that's true, as long as I'm still breath, this foot will be always run.

Keep that smile so as not to be false
Enjoying sadness being respite
Conquer pain being a bullet
Breathing like a stone, a lion in the glory of the sun
Fighting for keeping Love in a lonely
Killing time in the hope
Because We birth is to see reality

Sometimes I feel A sometimes B, or the other's. RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose give Us activity, trials, and other because of RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose knows what the best for Us. don't Cry if You get many trials, look the other side, because of RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose Love Heart

Smile and Stop to Cry...

RosejazakALLAH khairRose

B@rb!e GurL
Fajar Brother u r so sweet..
May Allah Bless u, ur family & ur frnd.. Ameen Sumaameen.
  • April 28, 2012 10:24 pm , GMT
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