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Eagle Eyes

start with the name of ALLAHAssalam o Alikum

Last night I'm alone can't sleep well because of Headache Sad and then looking for My Computer and watching "Antitrust", Antitrust is a rule against trading habits considered derogatory or unfair competition, but that's about trade. On that movie, people was controlled by computer and surveillance cameras are put in hidden place. When We searching and using internet, We are controlled too by Other Computer without foot. When We login Our Own Rose millatfacebook Rose Other Computer also come with Us. Many Fake ID or Member who send Mail to Us which want to share about His/Her photo's Covered Laugh what a funny Member Smile what in Their mind? Thinking

Okay, I won't to talk about Antitrust movie or about login, but let Us talk abou controlled, watched, or the other word : Eagle Eyes. How about RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose ? Watching human 24 hours a day or every second there is no guard. In the monitoring, there are three ways :

1. RoseHeart ALLAH SWT HeartRose to supervise directly. RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRosealways with Us wherever and whenever Us. When the three of us, then RoseHeart HE HeartRose is the fourth.
When the five of us, then RoseHeart HE HeartRoseis the sixth (Surat Al Mujadilah : 7). RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRoseeven very close to us that much closer than our jugular vein.

"And RoseHeart WE HeartRoseare nearer to him than his neck vein." (Qaaf : 16)

2. RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose through the Angel Rose oversight.

"When the two angels record the deeds, a seat on the right and the others sat on the left." (Qaaf : 17).

The angels
Rose will record all our deeds good and bad, great and small. Nothing is left. The note is then recorded and submitted to Us (Al-Kahf : 49).

3. RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRoseto supervise through Ourselves. When one day later died of the members of Our body such as hands and feet will bear witness for Us. We would not have control over the limb to actually testify.

"This day We seal up their mouths and say to us their hands and their feet to give kesaksianlah what they used to do." (Yaasiin : 65)

In conclusion, We would not be able to live wherever and whenever it apart from the eyes of RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRoseNo time to do badness. There is no place to deny RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose

Rest assured that no matter how small deeds will be recorded and will be questioned by RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRoseknows best on the day the calculation later.

RoseHeart ALLAH HeartRose is Wacthing..

RosejazakALLAH khairRose

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