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whats life?


Assalam o alaikum ...

Some times we feel happier in life as we never loose these moments but we forget , every thing in this life is just temporary, and we make many hopes and build a big dream , actually we have begun our destroying cermony , coz when the hopes or dreams destroy , we  can nevr  help it nor stand that. and then we always do nothing and pretend to it .. we blame others , as long as we were wrong in decisions ... so brothers and sisters its life and its very invaluable gift by Allah ... we have to make it blessings for us and for others ... we have to reacognise our true destination and then suppose to go for that .... life we live but the life we live for others thats the blessful life , its just those can realise , those have true aims of life ... so make it ur aim and goals now to the mirror of being muslim ...

JazakAllah Khair

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