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Myanmar's Rohingya beat a perilous path in search of safety

Rohingya refugees cross a bridge made of bamboo over a small canal as they move from their temporary camp because rain has ruined most of their makeshift tents, near Kutupalong, Ukhiya, Bangladesh. As far as the eye can see, they trudge through treacherously deep mud, across rice paddy fields and past rain-swollen creeks into Bangladesh. Tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims, fleeing the latest round of violence to engulf their homes in Myanmar, have been walking for days or handing over their meager savings to Burmese and Bangladeshi smugglers to escape what they describe as certain death.

Exhausted mothers clutched listless infants. Catatonically terrified children clung to bone-weary fathers. Young children with blank eyes carried even younger siblings. "Oh Allah, Oh Allah," one family moaned as they waded through the chin-high waters of the Naf River dividing the two countries. One panicking woman handed a 3-month-old infant to a taller man before she slipped momentarily beneath the murky water. For a terrifying moment, the man held the baby aloft with one hand as he steadied himself. Then as the woman remerged, the group moved on to the safety of Bangladesh on the opposite bank.
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  • November 16, 2017 5:07 pm , GMT
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