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My Muslim Friends Book - helps you connect and share with over 500,000+ Muslims in over 175 Countries.

About - My Muslim Friends Book

We let you Connect, Share and Fraternize.

MyMFB Provides a Space in which the members

  • Connect Freely,

  • Share Generously,

  • Communicate Passionately,

  • Fraternitize fervidly,

  • And in doing all this Socialize Responsibly

MyMFB aims at

  • Re-shaping the dimensions of socializing.

  • Reciprocating freedom with responsibilities.

  • Creating an ideally peaceful cyber space.

  • Fostering inter-faith harmony.

  • Enriching the experience of socializing by providing a multitude of unique features.

  • Establishing a community in the cyber world conscious of its responsibilities along with rights.

  • Setting an example in the paradigm of social networking.

The Beginning as it happened

Exercising freedom with responsibility is imperative for peaceful coexistence in the real as well as virtual world, this was the idea that stirred the creators of and they set out to launch on May 25, 2010 as a reaction to the blasphemous caricatures competition held on Face book. Ever since, is the largest social network of Muslims and the most vigorous supporter of inter-faith harmony.

You are welcome to be a part of My Muslim Friends Book.

Let’s journey together towards creating a peaceful, infotaining and feature rich social space